woooooo whhhooooo

I'M A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! I'M A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! And I ended up right next to 2 of my best friends for the ceremony...and not that I am proud of it but we were totally the loud obnoxious ones! And now I am moving all my crap in the rain...and it sucks...the only thing getting me through is the gift that my little bro gave me and the plans for drunkneness in a few hours!

still alive

So....some know...some don't...this week has been one hell of a mess for me. But, i am still alive which is a plus! Although I am so busy I am averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night which makes for a cranky me. But on the plus side...I graduate Saturday! I only have 2 treatments left! And this new guy has great smelling cologne! Down side...have second job that consumes too much time, offered a thrid today which I plan on taking...have to move by Saturday and can't get into the new place till Monday...have two more treatments, which they screwed up yesterday and I now have an infected IV port that has spread to the blood. Yeah all I have to say is that when you are treating someone with meds that kill their immune system try not give them infections! is busy but not so awful! now back to packing...


So i have tried really hard to just stay positive about everything going on in life cause as we all just sucks. And although there are many things that are going well in my life there are still some things that are just so freaking crappy I am starting to freak out a little about them. Typically I hate talking about some of these problems because of the whole feeling weak and volunerable crap. But has been getting so overwhelming I just dont know what to do. Yes this is an exciting part of my life and there are many things to still look forward to. And that is great, but why in the hell does every step of that process need to be filled with unnecessary road blocks. Yeah yeah...that which does not kill us makes us stronger...blah makes me bitter too! And I dont want to be bitter about life! And I won't get into all te specifics of it all cause well I dont want to type for that long and you aren't going to want to read it all anyway. But seriously...if something doesn't change soon I may develop a problem with this valium my neuro keeps giving me. grrrr
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i know i am a slacker

So, for those of you who already knew...i had some MS treatments done this last happy they are done with. Let me tell ya...5 hours a day in a hospital sharing a room with post operative patients is not fun! But I feel 80% better...haven't slept more than 2 hours a night since last week cause of all the meds, but I feel better!

I am leaving today for Myrtle Beach!!! A week in an ocean front suite with an all nude chippendales a mile away! I will be back late friday and I am so freaking excited to be going, minus the 18 hour drive...but with 4 of us...not a problem.

Anyway, just wanted to update...have a great week everyone! And Happy B-day B!

I'm so excited!!!

So I know it has been awhile since I have written anything here but I have been a very busy girl...and sick too. But I have so much to tell!

First with the bad...Ms has been relapsing again...did you know that it is terrifying being 24 and to not be able to walk...but it got my out of work! I can walk again and all is well, so yay!

Second, I bought a guitar yesterday and while telling a co-worker he said man I have one you could have you should have asked first. So, I will have two guitars now! A kelly green acoustic and a purple electric with amp! learn how to play.

Third, I have been trying to find my field placement so I get the hel out of Whitewater. Did you know that it is nearly impossible to find a paid internship in social work and with so much to pay in insurance I kinda have to worry about that. SO, I got this email from my aunt Kim about before I was diagnosed with MS I had applied for peace corp but was disqualified upon the news of MS. Americorp is like the cousin to peace corp. You stay in the states so there are not as many health restrictions!!! So, I went and talked to my field advisor to see if I could use Americorp as a placement...and he said YES!!! This is suck a huge freaking relief! So now I have to finish applying and if I get accepted he will work it out! So there is a possibilty that I will be moving to California or Nevada in April!! Yay for warm places! It would be a year placement and guess what benefits they have...ok I'll tell you. Relocation allowance, living allowance, housing, full medical coverage, exit stipened, up to $10,000 in financial aid reimbursement, and of course training. This would solve so many problems and the best part is that I would be considered a federal employee so when I left the corp if there are federal positions i want to apply for I will be automatically put at the top of the application list because i will already be considered a federal employee! I can't even explain how great this would be!

Fourth, if accpeted I get to stick it to work earlier! And let me tell you they totally have it coming right now!

Fifth, I'm going on spring break!!! Mrytle Beach, 5 nights in a 4 star resort right on the coast in a suite with a private balcony on the beach! And the best part...the whole week long trip will cost $300...that is EVERYTHING included! Oh and the really best thing...all nude Chipendales less than a mile from the hotel!

Life is good right now....
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One more thing

Had the most AMAZING dreams last night...not that, get your head out of the gutter...well, not completely...anyway, WOW they were great! And oddly enough even gave me some persepective on things!
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this week so far...

This week has not been the best! Classes started, there were issues with that and rent and...all kinds of crap. It is amazing how complicated life can be when you don't even have a lot going on. There are so many little complexities that get thrown in all over and man can those just throw you through a loop. I mean one minutes you think you have everything under control and all figured out and the next....smack....right up side the head. And it gets really really frustrating after a while! It's amazing how much one's life can change in a matter of moments and how living those moments can be awesome or awful but when you reflect on them you realize you wouldn't change them for the world. I have to admit that I may not love the life I have had to this point but I have learned more than I thought I would by now and even the bad stuff I am grateful for. Now if I could just master the art of retaining and applying every lesson I have learned things would be great! That and not having stupid girl emotions...that would help too...but what can you do?
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this was yesterdays...but my computer was stupid...

So I worked this morning until noon and it was really busy! But, the day flew past so that is always good! And i got a lot accomplished! After that I came home and cleaned and talked to a couple friends online. I have to admit that although I got good news today about school I was still just in a kind of crappy mood. Hence the need to clean...

I went and got my books for the semester with Ashley and John and I only have 2 books! I have always had 10-15 for a semester. It could have something to do with the fact that I am only taking 6 credits...but I have all the classes I need already except for my internship which is over the summer. So, I am looking forward to a much needed relaxed semester. I will probably end up going crazy from being so bored but oh well. Classes start tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to them but we will see after tomorrow.

After we got books Ashley and I went to dinner and then hung at my place, watched some gilmore girls and talked. It was a pretty good night. I am still kind of cranky though. But you know what clears up crankiness? Knowing that I get to buy a new computer tomorrow!!! I can't wait...I hate mine! And as I told my friend Ben today it is terminally ill and the services will be held on Saturday at noon if you care to attend.

So...tomorrow should be better!
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What do you want to do with your life?

These are in no particular order...and I am proud to say that I have already accomplished a number of them...

1. Find True Love
2. Be secure with myself
3. Skydiving
4. Financially Secure/ Get out of debt
5. Go someplace you have never been before
6. Donate time or money to a charity
7. Work with animals through humane society
8. Do something that scares the heck out of me
9. Get married
10. Go to Japan
11. Swim with Dolphins
12. Have a living will set up
13. Learn to play the guitar
14. Learn to play the piano
15. Have a plan to retire by 60
16. Get into shape
17. Renew Faith in God
18. Apologize to parents for everything you did as a child
19. Start Kids college fund
20. Renew wedding vows
21. Visit a country that is not free like the US
22. Run a marathon
23. Volunteer time somewhere, example: food bank, feeding homeless etc
24. Live life like nobody's watching
25. Have no Regrets
26. Go to a Packer Game
27. Be absolutely positive that I raised my child right
28. Live a day with no money
29. Save someone’s life
30. Be passionate about my job
31. Be a good friend
32. Learn a second language
33. Own a home
34. Get an education
35. Take kids to Disney World
36. Travel the world
37. Love life and do whatever
38. Swim in 3 out of 4 oceans
39. Pay off college loans
40. Make amends / forgive myself
41. Visit all 50 states
42. Start an IRA / 401K
43. Make a positive change in someone’s life
44. Find soul mate
45. Have $1,000,000
46. Host a foreign exchange student
47. Learn to cook
48. Look Hot
49. Make a life plan that I'm passionate about
50. Become a foster parent
51. Get my pilots license
52. Get my motorcycle license
53. Train a seeing-eye dog
54. Make it into a history book
55. Work with kids who have terminal illnesses
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night of debotchory?

I took Sunday January 29th off...I don't care if you all have plans or "don't feel like it" we are getting silly drunk!!!! Mark your calendars!!! Or feel my rath....